«Power Wrench»   is a portable pneumatic power wrench designed for speeding up performing operations with valves, reduction of operator’s injuries risk and enables to reduce capital investments for valves maintenance. The necessary pressure for the wrench operation is from 4 up to 8 bar while the recommended pressure for the most effective wrench application is 6.5 bar.

Design features and safety

Electrical components is completely missing in the wrenches that enables to ensure the highest safety level when operating the device and the materials used during manufacturing of product prevent the risk of sparks striking on contact with outside objects.


In order to use    «Power Wrench» combined with different valve types Netherlocks has designed universal disc plates installed directly on valve handwheel and firmly secured by means of U-clamps.

Besides at customer’s option the power wrenches can be equipped with a hand protection kit, special adapter with latches and angle (rotary) joint enabling operating with the valves located in hard-to-reach places.


Pneumatic «Power Wrench» , as well as all products made by Netherlocks comply with ATEX international standard and has all necessary documents confirming quality and safety of the device. Thanks to its technical characteristics and operating convenience Netherlocks power wrenches can be used on hazardous industrial facilities all over the world.

Application advantages :

  1. Reduction of time expenditures for operations with valves by 80%
  2. Increase of the staff safety level and reduction of injure risk when operating with valves
  3. Reduction of capital investments for valves maintenance