Механические замки Netherlocks
Механические замки Netherlockss

Accidents on processing industry facilities generally occur due to the procedures which are performed rarely but sometimes cause catastrophic consequences when performed improperly. Startup and shutdown of technology processes, technical maintenance and work shifts handover are common examples of operations where insignificant errors or insufficient alertness of operating staff may cause the severest and very bad consequences.

Warranty of performance of preset action sequence

Netherlocks’ products provide sequential mechanical operations interlocking and prevents human errorsr. Netherlocks interlocks guarantee sequential opening or closing of specific valves exactly according to the specified diagram simply taking the operator from one stage to another.

The necessity of using a unique key for each step guides the operator on the preset operation sequence.

Fig.1.   Example of sequential interlocking of technology process “Two pressure safety valves (PSV), one inlet line / one outlet line”:

Схема последовательной блокировки Netherlocks

Условные обозначения схемы Netherlock


Industrial facilities of petrochemical

and oil-refining industry;

Floating Production, Storage and

Offloading (FPSO) / ships for drilling

wells and hydrocarbon production at great depths;

Offshore platforms.



closing of both pressure

safety valves (PSV).